An Exhibition of the Tarot
Inspired by the Marseille and Sola Busca tarot decks from the 15th to 18th centuries, this exhibition, titled XIII, takes its name from the card for death which is unnamed in many tarot decks as the broader meaning implies change or new beginnings.

For centuries, enthusiasts have taken the imagery associated with tarot cards and drawn deep symbolism from the various forms to a degree that readings of these artworks can have a direct and sometimes polarising effect. Originally, the tarot were hand-painted collections, eventually brought to the masses with the development of wood-block prints. This exhibition combines the two approaches to create a unique and historic tribute to the original collected forms of the tarot. The figures used are drawn from parables and the designs are inspired by local surroundings. As in most artwork, and especially the tarot, the interpretation can be very personal, perhaps particularly so with the artwork titled XIII, or The Card That Has No Name.
Coming soon: Each of the cards will offer an Augmented Reality experience when the associated QR code is scanned with a mobile device.
XIII is available for viewing from Jan. 18 to April 15 2024 during regular programs at the ANNEX performance centre next to the Orpheum theatre in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada 

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