Nixie Tube Animation

Created with vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator for unlimited scalability.

While researching concept ideas for the marketing agency Tank Five, I came across the nixie tube. My initial idea was to incorporate the countdown routine from bombs in '60's spy movies. 
I recalled the cool illumination from the numbers, and wanted to turn them into a font. Turns out this had been done, and offered as a font named 'Nixie', so I created a vector animation sequence and used the font instead of the nixie numbers to spell out the company name.

The Tank Five team required an alternate method of communicating their services to appeal to their target audience in distilling and brewing. I presented the Nixie Tube, an elegant statement of pre-digital cutting edge technology that continues to impress, or just look cool. It matched the aesthetic perfectly, appealing to the technology behind the elaborate and old-world roots of current fermentation and distillation processes.

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