Yaletown Murals

Commissioned by the Yaletown BIA, initially through a utility box wrap project piloted by the City of Vancouver.
Orca spirts swim and play right above you in Vancouver’s Yaletown district! 
Visible through your mobile’s web browser using this WebXR link: https://orcas.artsaltar.com
The illusory Killer Whale Yaletown Stair mural began with a simple 3D model built of the surrounding area. The original 2D painting was then mapped onto the 3D surface. This method determined the correct line placements to achieve the illusory effect of a single dimension flat painting when viewed from a certain angle.
The original concept design overlay
The original concept design overlay

Mural Completed.

The making of the video: Hinge Visual 2020

Team Effort! Alison tackles some line work

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