LeroyBoris.com Gallery Site:
Leroy Boris needed an innovative method of display his abstract paintings. We achieved this by using unique environments created to show his work in unconventional settings. Each painting is displayed in black and white On the feature page unless a mouse or touch rollover is initiated to reveal the colours. This visual effect enhances focus on the image being selected. An animated feature was developed to visually fragment the header and footer images while scrolling for further engagement. 

To provide the viewer with something more like a gallery setting, a location was built in 3D, and each painting hung in succession via a slide show effect. Each of the paintings are named after and inspired by songs, so we created a video transporting the viewer through a painting on a trip into an alley setting where the paintings are displayed to a soundtrack of “Wild in the Streets” with rights acquired by the artist Garland Jeffreys.

This is a custom eCommerce website created using Wordpress and the WooCommerce plugin. 
Tools, apps, and functions used: Atom, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Photoshop, Blender 3D.

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