The City of Port Moody sought to establish a lasting tribute to its cherished heritage site, the IOCO Refinery. Opting for Augmented Reality as the medium for this public art project, the social center of the site has been meticulously reconstructed. The online representation transports visitors back to the 1930s, featuring animated ghosts that narrate a collective tale woven from reference photos and resident stories curated by the Port Moody Heritage Society. 
Screenshot of the experience on location:
Website Portal for the experience:
Concept and storyboards were combined as an animatic to present rough dialogue tests and static character blocking. 
Women’s 1930s fashion is usually overshadowed by the Great Depression, but the 1930s were full of glamour and style. 
'40s fashions started out during WW2 where clothing had to economical, but not without fashion. Much of the clothing of the day was inspired by military uniforms. Hats were often worn tilted off to one side.

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