Still from the Animated Music Video for Brian S. Green's "Lonely For Your Lies" 
from the album "Never Was That Way"
This project began with the album artwork, revolving around the creation of a Nudie Cohn style western suit befitting a character created in the image of a lone musician.

The flashy suit may be all the worldly possessions the troubadour has left other than his guitar and song-writing as he ambles from town to town picking up gigs as he travels.

The character began with traditional sketches, eventually taking form in 3 dimensions, with initial roughs created in VR using Gravity Sketch, and then refined in Blender 3D to be animated in the video.

Unreal 5 was chosen for it's unparalleled ability to light objects within an environment in real time. Environment assets were pulled from a variety of sources, while the character, motel, and sign were custom built in Blender.

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