JUST BEE! The short story of a little honey bee.

Animatic for Just Bee! trailer.
When a feisty little bee leaves the safety of his hive to frolic in the flowers, his life will change forever. Dodging pollution, human captors, even his former family, our fuzzy little hero must adapt to a new life... or perish in the attempt. Luckily this tiny creature has a great big heart. "Just Bee" is an adventure story with just a bit of a sting!
This little Bee is the character from t-shirts worn by Little Ali Fox. A bee lover and heroine of The Adventures of Little Ali Fox, semi-finalist in the Pitch THIS! competition at OIAF 2016.
This character was created to experiment with the animated styles intended for Little Ali Fox, and quickly became a side project. Watch for the animated short. 
Music and script by A.J. Jenkins
Design and animation by J. Lyonns

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