Customized Empty Headed Crystal Skulls!

Vodka may be the best thing around, and when Crystal Head Vodka came out, it just got better.

I immediately thought of the sugar skull calaveras and etched a motif based on Frida Kahlo into one of the skull bottles. More designs were to follow, as others wished to customize their own empties collection and gift full bottles to their friends.
Place these skulls on the optional wooden glass topped illuminated base, on the bedside table or in another place worthy of dramatic appeal and watch them shimmer with personality! Vodka not included.

The starry eyed skull mask has become my favourite. I imagine the end of the star struck Hollywood cowboy.. the Midnight Cowboy, who's lost everything but his desire..
~ Each skull is hand etched using a media blaster and glass cutting tool
~ A black glass top base illuminates the skull using optionally installed LEDs
~ Inscriptions are available 
~ Customized designs are available
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