3D character tests:
The above video demonstrates one of the stylized 3D characters with motion and audio captured from a video shoot of the performers. The viewer will see the characters in three dimensional form as though they were directly in front of them within the Augmented Reality presentation. This example shows the apparition of the Young Woman talking to the viewer about the Ioco school.
Video shoot of performer used for reference, motion capture, and audio:
Concept and Storyboards:
Animatic featuring rough dialogue tests and static character blocking. 
3D elements, background and camera view are included for basic visual reference only. The viewer will have the option to look around while running the tour through their mobile device.
Characters with dialogue will be animated in the AR experience. Characters in the photo re-creations will be static, but will face the viewer when viewed at different angles.
Women’s 1930s fashion is usually overshadowed by the Great Depression, but the 1930s were full of glamour and style. 
'40s fashions started out during WW2 where clothing had to economical, but not without fashion. Much of the clothing of the day was inspired by military uniforms. Hats were often worn tilted off to one side.
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